Boatman Express has built its reputation on reliability, speed of response, and on-time delivery for expedited runs for everything from a single box of O-rings that could keep an assembly line from shutting down, to a custom motorcycle worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, to a truckload of mixed freight that must meet a flight schedule.

Most expediting calls are for local or regional runs within about a 100-mile radius, but Boatman is fully prepared for longer expedited runs. We put a team of drivers on a run when necessary to keep the freight hauling while still conforming to all federal and state safety regulations.

Our air-ride equipped vans, trucks and trailers are suited to carry the most sensitive equipment and components, and we can respond rapidly with temperature-controlled carriers when cargo calls for refrigeration. For sturdier freight, our flatbed dually and gooseneck trailer are quick to travel, quick to load, and quick to deliver.


Milk Runs

Some industries, such as auto manufacturers and their tiered suppliers, require continual movement of parts, components, and racks, totes, and bins—full and empty—from facility to facility. Boatman Express is a specialist in milk runs, plugging in to augment normal routes when needed, with the flexibility to take up the slack wherever called for and keep product moving.

Milk runs are often "teardrop" shaped, starting from a central plant or warehouse, hitting several drop-off/ pick-up points, and then returning to the point of origin for a final delivery or to pick up anew and start the route again.

Milk runs sometimes are from one central supplier to several recipients, from several suppliers to one recipient, or a combination, where stops include both delivery and pick-up.

With Boatman's experience in milk runs, we can often help a customer streamline and optimize the logistics for greatest efficiency and speed.



When the freight can't wait—but a truck may need to wait for the freight—Boatman Express is the southland's super shuttle service. We'll put one or more trucks on your site, standing by to load up time- sensitive items the moment they are available, and roll them out to their destination.

Sometimes things are late coming off an assembly line, but have to leave the moment they are in the box. Sometimes connecting flights or carriers don't connect, and cargo is left in limbo, arriving late to a flight terminal or to trackside.

We'll put the right van, truck, or rig from our fleet at your disposal to be there, fired up and ready to roll right away, without delay.



Because Boatman has a warehouse and tractor/trailers, we are standing by to finish a delivery when a freight line has a breakdown. With a tow to our dock, we can transfer the goods rapidly from the crippled rig into our equipment, and get the freight rolling again fast to its destination. This is a critical capability for time-sensitive freight, and is a welcome safety net for brokers and primary carriers.



With the multiple benefits of having a flexible fleet, expediting specialists, and a warehouse with a dock, Boatman Express is uniquely positioned to handle every kind of cargo demand, including temporary storage of items to facilitate cargo connections and schedules.